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Quartz Fibre Posts Crystal size: 1.4 (x10)

-29% Quartz Fibre Posts Crystal size: 1.4 (x10)

Crystal quartz fiber post, is the new transparent and light conductive post, the result of many years of research and experimentation. The use of pure raw materials and innovative production technology allowed us to obtain a product with unique characteristics.

Using a perfect mix of quartz fiber and epoxy resin, we have created a post with incredible transparency and exceptional mechanical properties.

Quartz and 100% epoxy resin – transparent with light conductivity.  
Posts are perfectly transparent and conduce the light until the end of the root canal. In this way, it is possible to use light cure cement. In 30 seconds it is possible to cement the posts (normally it is necessary to wait 4 minutes). Moreover, the cement light cure is more powerful than cement self-curing.

Visible on X-ray – optical control.  
Good visibility has been reached by the optimization of the base material.
Coated with silane – shorter preparation time.
The posts come already coated with a silicone layer (silane), so that the user does not have to do it by himself.
Special shape - optimal distribution of forces and tensions and better anatomical fit.
Posts are distinguished by specially designed shape and rounded endings which guarantee the optimal distribution of forces and tensions and minimize patient's strain during their application. The stress distribution is the same as in a natural tooth  it transfers to the coronal part and decreases towards the apex. It helps avoids root fracture and makes the posts easy to use.
Exclusive Brushing Water Treatment - increased retentive power, purity and adhesion.
This new and innovative system of surface treatment allows creating an extremely rough surface of posts without damaging them. A light massage prepares the surface of the posts in homogeneous mode and increases retentive power up to 40% more than a post untreated. The system also ensures a perfectly clean of the post by removing any impurities from the fiber. Furthermore, this brushing water treatment guarantees perfect adhesion with any type of cement and making a cement-fiber connection incredibly durable.

Colour coding – Easy identification of the post's diameter.
A system of colour-coding allows to identify the diameter of a post and the appropriate dental burs.  Only the very end of the post is coloured, so nearly the full length of the post is usable. 
Pack of 10.

 Instructions for Use:
https://www.ukdentistry.co.uk/image/data/pdf/pdf.png Download

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