Dentapreg smart fibres

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Dentapreg® is a constructive composite, a new class of composite suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and large restorations.

Dentapreg® is delivered in the form of sticky pliable glass fiber strips pre-impregnated with the light curing resin. When cured, this strip becomes rigid. The other form of Dentapreg® is tiny flexible glass fiber pins which are suitable for building minimally invasive retention of the crown (endo-posts, parapulpal posts).

Working with Dentapreg® is simple, fast and safe. No special instruments or materials are required.

With Dentapreg® you can enter the highly efficient and minimally invasive dentistry of tomorrow.

The unique properties of Dentapreg® are achieved thanks to perfectly balanced highest-class components and advanced manufacturing technologies.


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