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IrriFlex / EDDY FLEX.CANNULA Irrigation Needles 40pk

-15% IrriFlex / EDDY FLEX.CANNULA Irrigation Needles 40pk
IrriFlex® , VDW EDDY FLEX.CANNULA™ and TruNatomy Irrigation Needles are manufactured by Produits Dentaires SA. If you have preferences on which product to ship, please add a comment at the checkout. 

Developed and produced in Switzerland, IrriFlex is the game changer that is revolutionizing the field of root canal irrigation. IrriFlex® is easy to use and delivers fluids deep into the root canal system while being a closed-ended needle. 

Unlike conventional metal needles, IrriFlex® easily adapts to complex root canal anatomies. The flexibility of the polypropylene body allows the needle to access the apical region without resistance or damage to the dentinal walls.

IrriFlex® has two side vents at the tip, located back-to-back. This unique characteristic gives balanced irrigant expulsion, via two accurate jets, oriented directly to the dentinal walls.

The tapered shape of the needle adapts to the shape of the canal. Flow thickness of the irrigant is therefore constant as the fluid moves to the coronal area, which maximises shear forces and the elimination of debris, smear layer and biofilm.

Compatible with EDTA 17%, Hypochlorite 5.25%, Chlorhexidine 2%, Citric acid 40%.

Irrigation is an important aspect of root canal treatment, and easy diffusion of the irrigant inside the root canal is essential. Effortless movement along the curved root canal walls and accuracy when placing the irrigation needle at the working length, simplifie the procedure and allow the practitioner to focus fully on irrigant diffusion. Removing the smear layer and biofilm, and disinfecting the root canal before final obturation are key. Welcome to the “Glide-cleaning” revolution.

Key Features:
 30G, 4 % taper, 27 mm long, depth marks (22 mm, 20 mm, 19 mm, 18 mm), luer-lock connection
 Soft polypropylene body to make the needle curve and flex easily in complex root canal anatomies
 Smooth glide to allow comfortable solution activation with back and forth movements
 Back-to-back 2-side vent design to secure a balanced irrigation volume and a better control on the root canal irrigation
 Needle fully transparent to improve user comfort and liquid delivery precision
 60° angulation (cuff-needle) to improve accessibility and comfort
 Plastic body to make the needle atraumatic for hard and soft tissues
 Slightly pre-bendable to meet specific irrigation requirements

The tip needs to be placed into the canals with care or tip can distort.

Video: IrriFlex® Product Introduction

Video: IrriFlex® : Irrigate From the start

Video: IrriFlex®: difficult cases

Video: IrriFlex® : Wide Canals


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