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Dental loupes are an important investment in your practice: they help you deliver better patient care and can prolong your career by reducing career-related injuries. Selecting the right loupe for your needs can be daunting. Before you make a decision, be sure to read our Guide to Buying Dental Loupes. The guide will help you understand what factors to consider when purchasing dental loupes.

60-80% of dentists suffer from back pain and neck and over 90% of dentists suffer from eyestrain. 

Advantages of using loupes:
  • Greater efficiency - increasing improves visual acuity, increasing the effectiveness of clinical
  • Greater precision - magnifying glass allow performing dental procedures in a more precise
  • Better diagnosis - working in the spoils see more so you can carry out a more precise diagnosis
  • Greater comfort in work - work of the spoils that makes you feel less fatigue the body.
  • Health benefits for users - the use of loupes enforces a more proper position for the spine - eliminating the risk of developing or worsening posture.
  • Financial benefits: by enhancing vision and enforcing the proper posture, using the loupes add to career longevity. Also, better diagnosis and precision reduces the risks of complaints and litigations 



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Loupes Brilliance 48° Refractive Flip-up Prism -17% Coming soon

Loupes Brilliance 48° Refractive Flip-up Prism

Be amongst the first to get these unique, refractive flip-up loupes!   Optional ultra-ligh..

£1,200.00 £999.50
Loupes Brilliance by Eighteeth -30%

Loupes Brilliance by Eighteeth

Special introductory price!     What you see mattersEighteeth Brilliance series Sur..

£425.00 £299.00
Softouch LED light for Loupes -28%

Softouch LED light for Loupes

Softouch LED light for Eighteeth loupes. Light up the micro world.  Small and feather-lig..

£300.00 £215.00