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We aim to offer the best customer service. Our eBay shop has hundreds of comments and they are all 100% positive. Some additional reviews and testimonials are below. 

Reviews and testimonials:

“We ordered a Superendo and Morita for our Paediatric dentistry Department from UK Dentistry. The consultant and her registrar are very happy with both products and have used them on our patients frequently. They find them easy to use which is both good for our patients and them too. We also received a discount of £354.00 for buying both items which was a great saving for us. We are happy with the service provided from UK Dentistry.”
Teresa Reed,  Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital  https://www.bsuh.nhs.uk/
“I have used the Dentapreg strips now for both splints and anterior bridges. They are very easy to use and patients acceptability and comfort is high. I would recommend them for emergencies as they provide a quick and semi-permanent result”
Dr Tinashe Nhova,  Portman Healthcare, College Street Dental Practice https://www.portmanhealthcare.co.uk/
“I was really happy with the service provided by UKdentistry: they offered us great advice about product compatibility and usability, then rapidly liaised with suppliers to provide a fast and smooth shipment. We'll be using them again in the future - Many thanks!”
Dr Aleks Domanski, BSc(Edin), PhD(Edin),  University of Bristol https://www.bristol.ac.uk/
“We ordered Dentapreg from UKdentistry. I speak on behalf of the department when I say the products were great and very suitable. They will be ordering this again as it is a great value for money. ”
Supplies Department,  The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  http://www.newcastle-hospitals.org.uk/
“Very impressed with the service given. Great product knowledge and knew exactly the instrument we required. Item arrived next day delivery despite being ordered late afternoon on the previous day. Would not hesitate to recommend this company.”
Ernest Armstrong,  Armstrong Mobile Vets http://www.armstrongmobilevets.co.uk/
“I have ordered NSK Endomate and a High Speed Turbine from UK Dentistry.co.uk. The service was excellent. I was very pleased with the hand piece, I have ordered 10 of them for my other practice.”
Mr L.G.Thota, BDS FDS Coven Dental Surgery, Codsall http://www.covendental.com/
“I use the NSK z95 handpiece for inlay and crown preparations and find it gives excellent control and feedback compared to a turbine. I have been using it for the last 6 mths and have been enjoying this handpiece. Thoroughly recommend it if you are trying to improve and take your tooth preparation skills to the next level.”
Tariq Bashir, BDS(Glasgow),  Visage Glasgow http://www.visageglasgow.co.uk/
“Awaiting written confirmation of the testimonial given over the phone”
Procurement and Supplies Department Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust Royal Sussex County Hospital https://www.bsuh.nhs.uk/
“OMGGG (oh my good golly gosh) - not sure if this one is going to catch on but I am giving it my best shot). Chris, who I think is actually the boss of the company, has moved heaven and earth to procure me the last supplies currently available of what I personally deem to be "The Best Dental Tape In The Known Universe" (not so sure about the relative state of the dental floss/tape market outside the known universe) - BLAQUE!!! His dedication and attention to details and all round generosity of spirit have even made me rethink my assumptions in favour of Australia (versus UK) in the balance of which country is least bureaucratic and inflexible! And if he ever manages to get any more of Blaque Dental Tape from it's suitably idiosyncratic but genuinely genius creator, I suggest you invest and "lay a quantity down" like a fine wine. For history may well prove Blaque Dental Tape to be the Chateau Lafite Rothschild of dental flosses.”
Henry Shires, Health and Consumer Columnist St Kilda News, Melbourne, Australia https://www.wisecracker.me/
“Having a state-of-the art clinic requires having equipment to match, which requires a significant investment. Chris owner of UKdentistry.co.uk has provided my office with the very best in dental equipment at the most competitive prices.....and the customer service is 5*. I would not hesitate in recommending UKdentistry.co.uk as a partner to provide your practice with all you need to keep your practice at the cutting edge.”
Dr D J Cattell BDS DPDS, Gentle Dentistry http://www.gentledentistry.co.uk/
“The extra bright mirrors are by far the brightest I have come across. They have improved the quality and the clarity of the occlusal and buccal photos I take with these mirrors. For anyone looking to improve their photography these mirrors ( and the individual autoclave cassette) are recommended.”
Martin Wanendeya BDS (Bristol) DipImpDent RCS ENG (Adv. Cert), Ten Dental http://www.tendental.com/
“This range of composite products produce natural looking results and are easy to handle and sculpt, especially when pre-heated in good time for planned restorative procedures. The range of materials is ideal for general purpose use in everyday clinical practice.”
“Excellent product, very reasonable price, prompt and personal service. Thanks!”
Usman Hameed, BDS Manchester (Junction Dental Surgery, Heckmondwike, UK)
“Great product and easy to handle. I used this product recently. Dentapreg Fibre strip proved invaluable and got the patient and I out of a difficult situation. I used it for a patient whose periodontal condition had previously been successfully stabilized except for a lower incisor which was mobile. When the patient presented last week, her loose incisor had come out. Understandably, she was devastated. When she came to see me the tooth was fortunately still with her. I resected the root and using the Dentapreg fibre strip, managed to reattach the tooth to the adjacent incisor constructing a temporary resin bonded Bridge using the patients own tooth. Fantastic result. Happy Patient. No Laboratory fee and Patient left with her unsightly space restored. ”
A. Sharma, BDS Wales(UK)
“Good quality mirrors. They work very well and I now use them for Postgraduate and Private Clinical Photography Courses. Good range of shapes and sizes available, which is great. The handle works very well and fits all of the mirrors.”
Mike Sharland, Diploma in Photography (Dental Photography in Practice, www.TheDigitalDentist.co.uk)
“Good product, Good price.”
John Fleming, BDS 1997 MJDF RCS Eng 2008 (Hob Hey Dental Practice, Warrington, UK)
“I found it to be have excellent handling properties and comparable to other available bands of MTA I would definitely use it again.”
David Selouk, Practice limited to Endodontics
“We've had a couple of the titanium occlusal mirrors for the past three months now. They fit nicely in the hand but we found the handle a more comfortable solution. They've been sterilized a number of times and are still like new, with no visible scratches. We would definitely recommend this product and intend to buy the same for our other practices.”
Emilia Celegrat, Business Manager (Knightsbridge Orthodontics, London, UK)
“Thanks for prompt delivery. The occlusal mirror is great.”
Ernest Njuguna, BDS (Genix Healthcare Dental Clinic, Gloucester,UK)
“Amazing product! Great seller!”
Dr Natasha Azzopardi (Flint Dental Surgery, Sheffield,UK)
“These micro-mirrors are a must-have items in the endodontic armamentarium in general dental practice. The front surface characteristic offers excellent image quality without distortion.”
“I recently used your sample strip on a patient that has parkinson's disease and could not hold her head still. Because the strip had adhesive qualities I was still able to splint her upper teeth successfully.”
Phil Conn, DDS (Danville, IL, USA)
“Dentapreg strips were very easy to cut to desired length and to adapt to teeth for splinting and bridge fabrication.”
Eric Van Zytveld, DDS (Denver, CO, USA)
“The possibility to use the PinPost system while reconstructing fractured teeth with little crown remnants and other Dentapreg fibers to reinforce crowns of devitalized molars has improved the quality and made the work process in my daily practice easier, making the  conservative treatments more predictable at the same time.”
Dr. Hipólito Fabra (Valencia, Spain)