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VacStation Extra-oral Dental Suction System UV C

-20% VacStation Extra-oral Dental Suction System UV C

 Do you want 10-15min. fallow time?
Do you want to make your AGP procedures safer?
Do you want to see more patients and achieve more UDA's? 

VacStation Extra-oral Dental Suction System has been developed by Eighteeth to reduce the risk associated with airborne particulates and pathogens present in an aerosol spray that is an inherent part of dental care. The aerosol emerging from the mouth of the patient consists of splashes of the spray mist rebound and droplets containing cooling water, saliva, blood, microorganisms, bacterias and viruses. This mixture presents a high risk of infection.

VacStation reduces that risk and purifies the air using a multi-level filtration system (HEPA, High-fiber cotton filter,  Activated carbon+KMnO4+Ceramsite filter+2nd HEPA 13), and UV C light. It traps viruses and germs ≥0.3 μm with over 99.97% efficiency, including mercury vapor. 

An independent evidence-based study has found that using the VacStation in conjunction with a high volume suction, would justify having 10-15min.fallow time. 

SARS-CoV-2: characterisation and mitigation of risks associated with aerosol generating procedures in dental practices - British Dental Journal (2021)

A clinical study measuring dental aerosols with and without a high-volume extraction device - British Dental Journal (2020)

“A good intra oral suction unit plus extra oral unit combined together would remove bulk of the aerosol in the micro environment. So the macro purification benefit of a unit like Radic8/ Q7  would offer some marginal benefit, but will not be enough to deal with the aerosol generated in an average surgery.”
Ref: Emmoms L. Wu C , Shutter T 2017 / Dr V J Vadgama , Woodbury Dental and Laser Clinic, www.woodburyclinic.co.uk

Studies have shown that nasal swabs from patients with symptomatic or asymptomatic
Covid-19 exhibit higher viral concentrations than those in throat swabs.  High volume aspirator would not protect against viruses exhaled by patients through the nose. Extraoral vacuum aspirators (EOVAs), like VacStation,  deal with both aerosol droplets and viruses exhaled through the patient’s nose. 

Even a modified household vacuum is “highly effective in preventing air contamination by dental procedures” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/11568323_The_usefulness_of_the_modified_extra-oral_vacuum_aspirator_EOVA_from_household_vacuum_cleaner_in_reducing_bacteria_in_dental_aerosols  

Why choose our unit?
• Similar units available on the market usually only have HEPA filters and UV C light. VacStation has 2 HEPA 13 filters, High-fiber cotton filter,  Activated carbon, KMnO4, and Ceramsite filter, plus a medical-grade UV C light. Covid-19 can go through HEPA filters and exposure time to UV radiation might not be sufficient in units containing only a HEPA filter,
• Total filter area of 1281cm2: Larger area of filter equals larger area for contaminated air to pass through. This results in better filtration,
 Manufactured by an ISO certified company with a proven record of highly effective and reliable products (just check the reviews of E-Connect S endomotor),
 2 suction cups of different sizes included. A small diameter suction cap present in some other units found to be less efficient in capturing the aerosol,
 Freely movable arm offers ease of access and the suction cup can be positioned at virtually any angle. 
 Brushless motor: quieter, longer-lasting, less power consumption,
 Medical grade UV C light with 10000 hrs of operation time (10000 hrs equals to over 6 years of 220 days per year use, 7hrs per day)
 Lighter (14kg) than many other units, and portable (wheels). This means that you can easily move it between rooms, so you can only have it where AGPs are performed.
 Cost-effective: unbeatable price at around half the price of similar units available on the market.

Did you know:
• Over 600 different types of bacteria can be detected in the human oral cavity (Source: Genome Research (2009), DOI: 10.1101/gr.084616.108)
• 1 ml saliva contains about 10 million bacteria (Source: Genome Research (2009), DOI: 10.1101/gr.084616.108)
• During a 15-minute treatment without protective measures, approx. 0.014–0.12 µl of saliva is inhaled via the aerosol (Source: Bennet et al. British Dental Journal, Vol. 189 No. 12 (2000))
• Deposition of a contaminated spray mist cloud over a radius of several meters (Source: Drisko et al., 2000, Bennet et al., 2000)

VacStation in use:

Demonstration video:

Video: Test of suction power

Simulation of dental aerosol under UV light using fluorescent ink

Assembly instruction (very important to follow all steps when setting it up for the first time. Also, please note that the seal fits on the rim of filter, not between filter and frame): 

• Units are readily available for dispatch/collection.
• We can deliver to all mainland Europe destinations.
Please note that this product has been designed to suck in dental aerosol - it does not have the power of a household vacuum cleaner.
Please follow the assembly instruction as shown in the video above.
You may check other dentists' photos and additional test results here
• UK Deliveries are by Parcelforce or GLS. If your practice is closed, then you may choose to have your order delivered to your home address instead.


• Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
• Power: 250 W Max
• Maximum Suction Power: 3000 Pa (10 levels of adjustment)
• Filter efficiency(0.3um): 99.97%
• Maximum Flow Rate: 3700 litres /min. (222 m3/h)
• Blowing rate: 14m/s
• UV C light:  2260uw/cm2  / wavelenght 265-285nm
• HEPA filter: Level 13
• Noise: ≤62dB
• Weight: 14.2kg
• Dimensions of the main unit: 41cm x 23 cm x 45 cm,
• Packaged box dimensions: 46cm x 53cm x 60cm and weight 20kg
• Duct: Φ75mm×1500 mm
• Suction cups/nozzles (2 interchangeable suction cups/nozzles of different size/shape. See pictures for details)
• The whole system is under negative pressure and all the water will be evaporated. 
• 12 months RTB warranty
• The unit comes with enough filters for at least 6 months of operation.

User manual

The cost of additional filters, which are available to purchase separately here is below. 

High-fiber cotton filter: £3 - should be changed after 1 month (6 pcs are included),
Hepa 13 filter: £32.50, change after 3-6 months (1 included),
The Efficient Compound Filter System (includes active carbon +KMnO4+ ceramsite + second HEPA 13 filter) - £108, can be used for 6-12 months (1 included).


Buy with confidence: UK Dentistry Ltd is a UK based and registered company, finalist of the Dentistry Awards Customer Service Provider of the Year 2015. 

Lowest price promise: challenge us to beat any quote from Dental Directory, Henry Schein, Kent-Express, Wright-Cottrell, Dental Sky, QED Endo and other UK dental dealers. We are confident we can offer you a better price and service. 


Buy with confidence: UK Dentistry Ltd is a UK based and registered company, finalist of the Dentistry Awards Customer Service Provider of the Year 2015.

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