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AirTek FreshAir Cube - Active Plasma Air Purifier

-18% AirTek FreshAir Cube - Active Plasma Air Purifier

Kills Viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. The only NASA Space certified air purifying technology.

Fresh Air Cube is a compact and high-powered active air purifier that utilizes ActivePure® Technology to make breathing easier, cleaner and healthier. This convenient, portable unit provides the cleanest, freshest air possible within small, low ventilated areas. Kills over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

 Reduces airborne contaminants

 Removes odors and freshens air

 Removes dirt and dust from the air

 Provides ozone-free air and surface cleaning

Features and Specifications:
 Covers spaces up to 1,500 sq.ft./139 sqm

 Also uses a UVC light to oxidize and ionize the air

 2-hour Away Mode increases the maximum output of activated oxygen for effectiveness in unoccupied areas

 Scalable purifier setting for reduced output of activated oxygen when using the Away Mode

 Needlepoint Ionization

 ActivePure(RCI) cell

 3-speed fan

 Electrostatic lint screen

 Electrical: 100 – 240v AC power adapter 21 watts power consumption

 Dimensions: 6.5” W x 6.5” H x 7” D

 Weight: 3 lbs. 


 Dental  Surgeries

 Waiting Rooms






 Small Shops

How the ActivPure RCI technology works:

ActivePure (RCI – Radiant Catalytic Ionization) Technology was developed to effectively and safely control odor causing bacteria, harmful contaminants  and molds on surfaces and in the air. The ActivePure Cell is a unique and proprietary system at the heart of our indoor air quality technology. This advanced technology sends out purifying agents to destroy these contaminants and irritants at the source of the problem. In addition to the air quality benefits. It has the added potential benefit to provide energy-sensitive solutions over other designs.

Demonstration video:

Active vs. Passive Technology

Active (ActivePure)
Passive (Filters, UV, Ionizers, Scrubbers)

 Aggressive Pro-active Approach

 Destroys Bacteria Effectively

 Technology relies on air current to take it to the source of the issue

 Travels through fabrics to treat contaminants harboring in seat cushions and tight spots where disinfectants/wipes cannot reach

 Takes care of particles under .003 microns with ionization

 Unassertive Inactive Approach

 Simply “Deactivates” Bacteria (bacteria can reactivate in certain conditions)

 Air is required to pass through a unit or UV bulb to be treated

 Filters can themselves become a source of pollution – having limited effect on VOCs, odors, indoor pollutants, mold and mildew

 Virtually impossible for all air to pass through the system

Comparative Analysis

ActivePure Technology (Aggressive Non-Toxic Approach)
Germicidal UV (Passive Approach)
Fogging/Misting Systems (Aggressive Toxic Approach)

Continuous Micro-biocidal & Sporicidal Activity

Surface & Equipment Decontamination

Airborne Particle Decontamination (VOCs)

Daily Continual Treatment while Occupied

Up to >90% Effectiveness in Reducing EIPs

No Toxic By-Products or Residue

No Training or Dedicated Staff Needed

No Down Time – Minutes to Install

Degrades Toxic Chemicals (Formaldehyde, etc.)

Reduces Employee Absenteeism due to Illness

Effective on Soft Surfaces & Fabrics

Eco-Friendly & Encourages LEED Certification Points

Variety of Products handle small rooms or entire facilities (up to 80,000 cu ft per unit)

Certified Space Technology – 2017 Hall of Fame Inductee

Low Maintenance & Operating Costs (incl 3 yr. warranty)

All products available with or without low traces of Ozone

Sanitizes Air Ducts

Equally effective anywhere in the room or vehicle

Manufactured in America. 

More than a Decade of Proven Global History

SMACNA Award Winner

Germicidal UV-C Technology

Down Time Required

Up to 10 – 30% Effectiveness in Reducing EIPs

Use in Unoccupied Spaces Only

Terminal Room Cleaning Only

Repeated Treatments Necessary

Not Effective against Odors

Passive Technology – relies on contaminants to be “seen” by the UV light

Deactivates bacteria (bacteria can reactivate)

UV will lose effectiveness the further away contaminants are from the light

Chloride-Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor, etc.

Terminal Room Cleaning Only

Down time required

Repeated treatments required

Uses chemicals and other toxins – unhealthy to breathe

Further independent efficiency tests of this system are currently being carried out as part of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic: Rapid Response study.  This is a technical study to enable dental practices to develop and implement measures to minimise or potentially eliminate patient and dental staff exposure to Coronavirus Covid-19. 

Studies and Test Results

 Staphylococcus aureus: 98.5% reduction

 E-coli: 98.1% reduction

 Bacillus spp.: 99.38% reduction

 MRSA: 99.8% reduction

 Streptococcus spp.: 96.4% reduction

 Pseudomonas spp.: 99.0% reduction

 Listeria: 99.75% reduction

 Candida albicans: 99.92% reduction

 Stachybotrys: 99.93% reduction

Testing by Kansas State University. Field results may vary based on environmental conditions.

Efficacy of radiant catalytic ionization to reduce bacterial populations in air and on different surfaces, Science of the Total Environment

Norovirus Efficacy Chart, activTek Environmental 

User manual

ActivePure Technology Inducted Into Prestigious Space Technology Hall of Fame: One of Only 75 Technologies to Receive Such an Honor in 30 Years
read more here: link

Light-Induced Oxidation Cleans Air, Surfaces, Clothes. Source: NASA 
Charged Particles Kill Pathogens and Round Up Dust. Source: NASA 

Forbes article on ActivePure Technology
read more here: link


Buy with confidence: UK Dentistry Ltd is a UK based and registered company, finalist of the Dentistry Awards Customer Service Provider of the Year 2015. 

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Buy with confidence: UK Dentistry Ltd is a UK based and registered company, finalist of the Dentistry Awards Customer Service Provider of the Year 2015.

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