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NeoSEALER Flo Bioceramic sealer 2.2g

-36% NeoSEALER Flo Bioceramic sealer 2.2g

NeoSEALER® Flo is a bioactive bioceramic root canal sealer with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to support the healing process.
The syringe contains 10% more material than other sealers.
Flex Flo Tip™ offers more precision and minimizes product waste by 81%.
The 25.5 gauge flexible tip to reach deep into curved and small canals).

From Dental Advisor Clinical Evaluation:

NeoSEALER Flo is a bioactive root canal sealer that:
 Contains more bioactive bioceramic cement than other premixed sealers on the market
 Can be used for both warm vertical and lateral obturation techniques
 Does not discolor teeth
 Has a resin-free formulation to maximize bioactivity and biocompatibility
 Is radiopaque
 Is anti-microbial due to its high initial pH

Unique Attributes
 This material is already pre-mixed, in syringe form and ready to use.
 The unique Flex Flo Tip™, not only minimizes waste, additionally the bottom half of the tip is very flexible. This allows for maximum canal penetration, even in curvy canals, if you are placing using the direct injection technique.
 The bioactive cement content is higher than other premixed sealers, to promote complete setting.
 Ideal for use with either direct injection technique or by coating gutta percha prior to insertion when using the lateral obturation technique.

Manufacturer information: 

Formulated With More Bioactive Cement Than Original Bioceramic Sealer2
 NeoSEALER Flo is thoughtfully designed to promote setting and maximize bioactivity.

 Promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite on the surface to seal and support healing through the release of calcium and hydroxide ions.

 Biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, non-genotoxic, initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro1.

Optimized for both warm vertical and single cone obturation techniques
 Streamline your inventory with one product suitable for both warm vertical and single cone obturation techniques for maximum efficiency and savings.

 Resin-free for maximum bioactivity and biocompatibility.

 Won’t discolor teeth – EVER. NaOCI won’t cause discoloration.

Dimensionally stable
 Unlike resin-based sealers, NeoSEALER Flo is dimensionally stable.

High pH
 Initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro1.


For more details and clinical studies, please visit https://www.avalonbiomed.com/product/neosealer-refill-syringe/

Single-cone endodontic obturation with NeoSEALER™ Flo: Dr. Karl Woodmansey discusses improved obturation with an emerging technique.  Link:"Endodontic Practice US"

The box contains: 

  • 1 x 2.2g Syringe
  • (Optional): 20 disposable tips Flex Flo Tip™ (more precision, 81% less waste, 25.5 gauge flexible tip to reach deep into curved and small canals)

FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions


1) NeoSEALER Flo is initially high in pH (alkaline/basic) when applied. Literature has shown such products to be antimicrobial in-vitro.

The anti-microbial effect against enterococcus faecalis and the compressive strength of two types of mineral trioxide aggregate mixed with sterile water or 2% chlorhexidine liquid.

Holt DM, Watts JD, Beeson TJ, Kirkpatrick TC, Rutledge RE. J Endod. 2007 Jul;33(7):844-7.

2) NeoSEALER Flo contains 6% more bioactive cement by weight compared to EndoSequence BC Sealer (in-house data obtained through XRD analysis)

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