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Universal EndoHandle for Canal Management

Universal EndoHandle for Canal Management

Please note that multiple handle options should be back in stock from the beginning of Sept.

"This endo handle attaches to any endodontic hand file and has been really useful when instrumenting difficult to access canals particularly in posterior teeth. By using the handle, it is possible to visualise the canal orifice through the microscope whilst precisely introducing the file into the orifice without the view being blocked. After the procedure, the file can be removed from the handle which has great build quality and can easily go through the sterilisation process ready for another case.

Dr Andrew Gemmell 
Director. Kingston Park Advanced Dentistry.  www.KPteeth.co.uk"

Overview: The Universal Handle that Attaches to Endodontic Hand Files

The EndoHandle is an endodontic file holder that improves your grip on small endodontic instruments. A pen-grasp grip gives you better access to difficult cases, more control and leverage, better visibility and less fatigue in preparing the canal.

The EndoHandle uses a simple and effective Circumferential Linear Filing technique. It is a straight-line/up-down filing motion done sequentially around the periphery of the canal. The file is placed in the canal and withdrawn in a directional manner against each side of the canal wall.  No rotation, just safe straight-line filing to sculpt and clean the walls of the canal. The leverage of filing with the EndoHandle is at least five times more effective than traditional two-finger filing.

The files are not permanently attached and require the user to place a disposable file in the unique locking chamber. A quick twist of the long handle firmly secures the file to the EndoHandle. The handles are made of anodized aluminum and are autoclavable. They are all the same size and are color-coded to ISO specifications so you can match the file size to the color of the handle quickly.

EndoHandle Benefits:
  • Maximizes Filing Leverage
  • Easy Reach to Difficult Canals
  • Safer Linear Filing (No Risk of File Separation)
  • Less Filing Fatigue with the Pen-Grasp Grip
  • Provides a Simple Solution to Difficult Cases
  • Color-Coded Handles to Match File Size Colors

EndoHandle Features:

  • Autoclavable
  • Easy Endo File Attachment
  • Uses Standard Endodontic Files
  • No File Breakage
  • Finds Canal with Pin-Point Accuracy
  • Tactile File Control

Using the EndoHandle

Quick Attachment of File
Just unscrew the long handle from the small locking chamber enough to allow the small handle of the standard endodontic file to enter the locking chamber, then tighten up the long handle for a secure firm grip on the file.

Find, Explore and Negotiate
Using the EndoHandle with a small size file, fingers are out of the way and finding, exploring, and negotiating the canal to the apex, use it as a sharp endodontic explorer.

Establish the Glide Path to the Apex
Select small size miro file that will go to the approximate apex with very light resistance. The file cuts on the way out bringing the debris out of the canal. Use many small 2-5 mm amplitude strokes with force directed toward the outside of the curved canal. Keep the canal wet and irrigate often.

Working Length File with Electronic Apex Locator
Simply attach the Electronic Apex Locator clip to the shank of the MicroFile (use small size file), adjust the rubber stop and read the measurement.

Patency File
Quickly re-negotiate the canal by using the EndoHandle with a small size file as a "Patency File" to reduce block-out and keep the canal open. Irrigation and re-negotiation with the "Patency File" is effective in removing the dentin-mud from canal preparation.

Mid-Root Canal Enlargement
EndoHandle with Hedstrom files creates a natural taper from apex to orifice. Hedstrom files are very effective. Excellent circumferential filing. Prepare all the canal walls.

Retreatment Cases
Obstacle removal (silver points, thermoplastic points, old gutta-percha, paste fills, etc) is better visualized with the EndoHandle. Hedstrom files are particularly effective.

Sealer Placement
Easy placement of sealer with a #20 K-MicroFile. Coat all the canal walls by gently pumping the sealer down the canal

Why the EndoHandle?

Better Endo File Leverage with Better File Grip
The "pen-grasp" grip generates substantial more filing leverage than a "two-finger" grip. The power and control of the file’s cutting flutes can be directed toward the outside wall of the canal with much greater efficiency. Steady continuous filing motion is achieved without frequent adjustments of the usual finger grip on the small handle of the file. The EndoHandle gives the common file the leverage it deserves. Better circumferential canal preparation.

Universal Handle for Endodontic Instruments
No slippery file grip with the EndoHandle’s unique locking chamber. It securely attaches endodontic hand instruments to a long dental handle. Visibility is unobstructed with fingers "out of the way" as compared to the usual file grip. K-type files, Hedstrom files, C files and finger pluggers are easily attached to the EndoHandle.

Never Underestimate the Value of Small Size Filing
Small size filing is the key to good Path Preparation. If you shortchange this important step, you will increase the risk of canal enlargement problems. The First Step in any procedure is the most important—do a good job of this and the rest of preparation will go a lot smoother. Over-working the small flexible size files can make the difference. It can prevent canal ledging, transportation and significantly reduce rotary file breakage.

Sealer Placement – Easy and Effective!
Relying on the "bread & butter" method of just passing the master gutta percha cone through sealer and hoping it doesn’t rub off before it gets to the apex is a wish that doesn’t always come true. A more reliable method would give better sealer coverage. With the canal "paper-point-dry", the sealer will adhere better to the canal walls. Sealer on the tip of a #20 K File attached to the EndoHandle can be deposited precisely in the coronal portion of the canal preparation. With gentle filing/pumping motion, the sealer can be worked to the apical portion of the canal and coat the walls along the entire length of the canal preparation. With the EndoHandle, the clinician can actually see the quality of sealer placement prior to the "buttered" master cone insertion.

Available options:

  • 1 (Purple)
  • 3 (Silver, Purple, Grey)
  • 5 (Silver, Purple, Grey, Gold, Red)

Patented, Made in the USA


A New Grip on Your File 

Finds the Canal Faster with EndoHandle

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