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Dentapreg Fibrafill CUBE S 4 x 65mg (SAMPLE)

Dentapreg Fibrafill CUBE S 4 x 65mg (SAMPLE)
Fibrafill Cube S by Dentapreg

A microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations.

Fibrafill® materials represent a unique biomimetic solution for hard tissue restoration. It is a complex system based on the reinforcing effect of continual fiber reinforcement and short dispersed fibers. Similar to steel skeleton that reinforces concrete constructions, specially treated inorganic fibers provide the required resistance to composite fillings, restorations and compromised hard dental tissues. The system consists of micro-hybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite materials with integrated fiber reinforcement designed for the fabrication of direct fillings as a substitution of dentin layer. All the materials are available in a universal dentine shade. Application features, form of fiber reinforcement and application method are optimised for individual materials according to a recommended indication range.

 The only resin composite with an integrated continuous membrane which distributes stress and mimics the function of dentinoenamel junction (DEJ)
 Extends possibilities for large restorations and build-ups of endodontically treated teeth with severe loss of hard dental tissues
 Ideal for dentin replacement in large posterior applications (pre-endodontic and post-endodontic build-ups and fillings)

Indication Range:
Large composite restorations of class I, II and V, including large combined cavities in the posterior area, deep cavities in endodontically treated teeth, pre-endodontic and post-endodontic restorations, core restorations, etc..

Benefits for Your Dental Practice:
 Time savings in large restoration fabrication easy application of the materials
 Easy application of the materials
 Reduced risk of failure

Clinical arguments:
 Distribution of stress, integrated membrane prevents stress concentration (mimics function of dentioenamel junction of an intact tooth).
 Reduced risk of crack development and propagation through the interface between restorative material and remaining dental tissues
 Reduced risk of severe failure of remaining hard dental tissues
 Increased fracture toughness of the filling or build-up
 Easy handling/packability due to optimized viscosity
 Reduced risk of material contamination due to discrete dosing of individual units
 Wide range of applications, economy of treatment

 Sample size: 1 blister with 4 application doses of 65 mg each
• Short expiry sample: use by end of August 2022

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