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Dr´s Cam V Wired Intraoral FHD Digital Camera

-16% Dr´s Cam V Wired Intraoral FHD Digital Camera

True High Definition (Full HD 1080p) High Speed Lightweight Intraoral Camera 
Compatible with almost any dental patient management software. 

Equipped with a sophisticated real autofocus system, which can be automatic or manual, allowing you to obtain images or videos that are always brilliant and perfectly focused.

The Auto Focus for the Dr’s Cam has two modes depending on what works for you best. You can have the camera focusing all the time with no button clicks required, or in semi-auto mode the camera will focus when you half depress the capture button. No matter which you choose your images will always be clear and sharp.  

Built-in Gyro presentation mouse

This is a camera and a midair presentation mouse. No need to reach back to your mouse when presenting the images to your patient.

280 Degree Twist Head

With a 280-degree twist head, this makes for easy maneuvering in your patient's mouth.

Full HD Image

This camera has a true full HD image resolution of 1920 x 1080. That's over 2,000,000 pixels! which is more than double compared to HD cameras! The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.  - see the bottom of the listing for comparison to some other intraoral cameras.

Main benefits:
Improve patient communication

Highlight pathologies in an image and easily explain clinical procedures. 

Enhance your vision during the examination

See details otherwise not visible to the naked eye. Closely monitor micro fractures and the development of small lesions.

Improve your clinical performance 

Take a more detailed look into dental cavity preparation, with more accuracy during treatment.

Increase treatment acceptance and educate your patients

Use real images and live videos to make the patient more attentive and confident about your advice and treatment plan. Patients become more involved, helping them to better understand the importance of their planned treatment.

Follow up

Provide effective and efficient treatment planning by saving the images directly into the patient chart. Easily compare images from past patient visits and monitor progress over time.

Main Features at a glance:

Auto focus

Real Autofocus function shows clear images.

Black & White function

Can take and send analog X-ray film image to PC.

280˚ twist head

Easy to get approach anywhere in oral cavity.

Adjustable LED brightness

Can adjust LED brightness to avoid light reflecting.

Software compatibility

Support keyboard short-cut data changing program and twain driver.

FHD image

Can get high definition image without distortion.

Gyro mouse built-in

Useable as a mouse.

OLED screen

Bright and clear OLED screen indicates various device status.

Support twain driver

Support twain driver allows for use in almost any dental imaging software.

3 Color Impressions

Can change live image color impression (Original, Warm, Cool).

Macro to Full arch
Camera is able to have Macro to Full arch image.

3 Color Impressions
Possible to Select Color Impression(Original, Warm, Cool).


User manual


  • Operation voltage: 5V (USB port)
  • Measurement: Approx. 202 x 30 x 28 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 56g
  • Resolution: FHD (1920x1080)
  • Lighting: LED
  • Focusing: Auto-focus
  • Focus range: 15mm till 30mm
  • Sensor type: CMOS semiconductor image sensor
  • USB cable Length: 3 meters

System requirements: 3.3Ghz CPU, 4GB RAM,  USB 2.0  / 3.0
Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10

Resolution and approx. price of some other intraoral cameras, in order of resolution (the higher first):
Dr´s Cam V Wired Intraoral FHD Digital Camera, resolution 1920 x 1080  (over 2 mln pixels) - (usual price £535-£590 ex.)
Dr´s Cam Air Wireless Intraoral Camera, resolution 1920 x 1080  (over 2 mln pixels) - (usual price £2,100-£2,450 ex.)

Acteon Sopro C50 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 1920 x 1080  (over 2 mln pixels) - (usual price £2,200 - £2,500 ex.)
Durr VistaCam IX HD Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 1280 x 1024  (around 1.3 mln pixels) - (usual price £4,000-£4,400 ex.)
My Ray C-U2 Intraoral Camera, resolution 1280x720 (under 1 mln pixels) - (usual price £2,840 ex.)
Carestream CS1200 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 1024 x 768  (less than 0.8 mln pixels) - (usual price £1,200 - £1,800 ex.)
Carestream CS1500 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 1024 x 768  (less than 0.8 mln pixels) - (usual price £2,220 ex.)
Acteon Sopro 617 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 752 x 582  (less than 0.5 mln pixels) - (usual price £1,700 - £2,100 ex.)
Acteon Sopro 717 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 752 x 582  (less than 0.5 mln pixels) - (usual price £1,900-£2,900 ex.)
SoproLife Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 752 x 582  (less than 0.5 mln pixels) - (usual price £3,400 - £4,100 ex.)
SoproCare Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 752 x 582  (less than 0.5 mln pixels) - (usual price £2,900-£3,500 ex.)
DARYOU DY-50 Intra-Oral Camera, resolution 640 x 480  (around 0.3 mln pixels) - (usual price £200 ex.)

(specification and prices accurate at the time of listing, according to UK sellers of those cameras)

Lowest price promise: challenge us to beat any quote from Dental Directory, Henry Schein, Kent-Express, Wright-Cottrell, Dental Sky, QED Endo, and other UK dental dealers. 

Buy with confidence: UK Dentistry Ltd is a UK based and registered company, finalist of the Dentistry Awards Customer Service Provider of the Year 2015.

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