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Dentapreg SFU Ideal for Reinforcement, Splinting, Retainers 6cm

-39% Dentapreg SFU Ideal for Reinforcement, Splinting, Retainers 6cm

Buy min. 3 strips (can be different ones) and get a FREE Light Protection Box!

The longer, 6cm strip makes it easier to use on two patients or cases. Once you open and cut the strip, you may store the unused part for up to 2 weeks in a Light Protection Box in a fridge. 

Type of fibers: S-glass
Fiber orientation: Unidirectional
Strip dimensions: 2mm x 0.3mm x 60 mm (width x thickness x length)
Applications: Suitable particularly for oral, vestibular and occlusal splints (perio, trauma); Post-orthodontic retainers; Space mainteiners; Anatomical posts, Anchorage 

Clinical cases (example):


Dentapreg® SFU is a tacky, light curing resin pre-impregnated, glass fibre reinforced strip with enhanced strength. The product offers good pliability, unsurpassed aesthetics, superior performance and excellent bonding to teeth and restorative composites. Dentapreg® SFU can be used for oral and vestibular splints, post-orthodontic retainers, space maintainers and for preparation of anatomical posts.

Dentapreg® is a constructive composite, a new class of composite suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and large restorations. Dentapreg® is delivered in the form of sticky pliable glass fibre strips pre-impregnated with the light curing resin. When cured, this strip becomes rigid. The other form of Dentapreg® is tiny flexible glass fibre pin which is suitable for building minimally invasive retention of crown (endo-posts, parapulpal posts). 

By replacing the particle filler in the composite materials with aerospace S2 grade glass micro-fibres, the mechanical performance of Dentapreg® equals and in many areas surpasses that of metal. 


Working with Dentapreg® is simple, fast and safe. No special instruments or materials are required.

Dental splints, temporary bridges, endo-posts and other devices built from Dentapreg® are reliable and esthetically beautiful.

Dentapreg® provides high versatility of adaptation and, therefore, besides these typical applications it can provide a solution for a wide range of clinical situations. With Dentapreg® you can enter the highly efficient and minimally invasive dentistry of tomorrow.
The unique properties of Dentapreg® are achieved thanks to perfectly balanced highest-class components and advanced manufacturing technologies.
 Instructions for Use - How to fabricate a Dentapreg splint:
https://www.ukdentistry.co.uk/image/data/pdf/pdf.png Download

 Video - Dentapreg Splint step by step:

 Video - Dentapreg Oral Splint - short video:

Tensile strenght comparison: 

Dentapreg Awards:


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