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Contraster palatal / anterior Silicone Adult or Child Autoclavable

Contrastors/Contrasters allow photos to be taken with a completely black background eliminating..

Contrasters upper / occlusal - set of 2 (wide+narrow) Autoclavable Out Of Stock

Contrasters upper / occlusal - set of 2 (wide+narrow) Autoclavable

Set of 2 upper / occlusal contrastors (1 wide + 1 narrow) The occlusal contrastor is ..


Photo Mirrors Billy Essential Kit

Intraoral photography kit  - Billy As recommended by Dr Bilal Arshad from the Internationa..


Photo Mirrors Essential Pro Kit

Save up to £30 compared to when bought individually.Intraoral photography kit   This kit incl..


Photo mirrors kit IAS Academy

Intraoral photography kit as recommended by Dr Richard Field from IAS Academy. This kit..