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Dentapreg Fibrafill Flow 2x1ml (3.6g) -19%
Fibrafill Flow by DentapregShort-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacementFibr..
£37.00 £29.95
Endodontic motor with integrated Apex Locator: E-Connect S -22%
E-Connect S - Cordless endodontic motor with integrated Apex LocatorDentistry Awards "High Tech..
£1,150.00 £895.00
Reci PRO blue Files 25mm R25 Qty 6 -13%
Reci PRO blue NiTi Endodontic Sterile Files. Compatible with the leading brand's file system.Heat-tr..
£37.95 £32.95
NeoSEALER Flo Bioceramic sealer 2.2g -36%
NeoSEALER® Flo is a bioactive bioceramic root canal sealer with superi..
£110.00 £70.00
NSK S-Max M900 Turbine Handpiece -38%
NSK S-Max M Series - Comfortable Performance SeriesOffers unrivalled cutting performance,..
£696.00 £435.00
Black Metal Cheek Retractor double ended V-shape/C-shape (x1) -24%
Double ended metal cheek retractor with a smooth black finish. Guaranteed to withstand 100..
£37.50 £28.50
Navigator Mini Apex Locator by Morita -24%
Extraordinary precise apex locatorProbably the most accurate and stable apex locator in the worldCo..
£1,100.00 £835.00
Flexible Silicone Photo Contrastors by Photodent -33%
PhotoDent Flexible Contrastors facilitates the acquisition of a completely black background when ta..
£45.00 £29.99
Morita Root ZX Apex Locator Set -21%
Morita Root ZX Apex Locator File position and movement is shown in real time on a large colour LC..
£1,160.00 £915.00
NSK S-Max M95 1:5 Contra Angle Handpiece -30%
NSK S-Max M Series Contra Angle - Comfortable Performance  Incomparable Powerful Cutting and S..
£794.00 £559.50
VDW NiTi Reciproc Blue files 25mm R25 Qty 6 -14%
One file endo - VDW Reciproc Blue NiTi Root Canal FilesLength: 25mm 6 x R25Ref: V 04 0252 025 0..
£99.00 £85.00
Fast Fill & Fast Pack PRO Obturation System Combo -30%
As used by:  • the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). Click here for more details o..
£1,420.00 £999.95
NSK Prophy Mate Neo Grey For NSK PMNG-PTL-P -31%
  NSK's Prophy-Mate neo is a proven ergonomic and easy to use air-driven dental air polishing ..
£1,018.80 £699.95
B&L SuperEndo Alpha2 full kit with tips -20%
B&L SuperEndo Alpha2 B&L Biotech has introduced the Alpha A2 Heat Source, a multitask, pr..
£1,150.00 £920.00
Photo Mirrors Essential Pro Kit -28%
Saving of up to 8% compared to when bought individually.Intraoral photography kit   This kit..
£319.00 £229.00
Chloraxid 5.25% Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite 5 x 200ml -27%
5 bottles of 200g = 1kg (around 1000ml) CHLORAXID 5.25%  has a lytic effe..
£35.00 £25.50
VDW ROTATE NiTi Rotary root canal files -16%
VDW.ROTATETMRotary preparation at the next level: Drawing on VDW's successful history of rotary file..
£31.50 £26.50
Filtek Z250 Restorative Syringe 3M ESPE - syringe 4g -54%
Light cured universal restorative for anterior and posterior restoratives that provides exceptional..
£80.99 £37.00
Intra-Oral Photography Mirror Occlusal Adult Long -24%
These mirrors are made of float glass, with a thickness of 3mm. They are front surface, coated with ..
£52.00 £39.50
Dentapreg SFM Ideal for Splinting & Ortho retainers - 6cm -39%
Buy min. 3 strips (can be different ones) and get a FREE Light Protection Box!The lo..
£63.00 £38.50
AccuDose Needletubes 20ga (Photobloc Orange) for all C-R syringes.Syringe all types of composites, c..
Endodontic forceps for removing broken instruments -10%
Endodontic forceps for removing broken instruments and foreign matterTotal length : 125 mmTotal leng..
£199.95 £179.00
Mouth / Endo Mirrors Pure Reflect Size 3 20mm - 12pcs -22%
Excellent colour accuracy with the brightest surface. Acteon Front Surface mouth mirror heads N..
£89.50 £69.95
GP Gutta Percha Points for Protaper 60pk F1/F2/F3 -33%
Gutta Percha points for Protaper system.• Biocompatibility• Perfect for use with all types..
£14.95 £9.95
NSK S-Max M900BL Turbine Handpiece - F/Optic BienAir -30%
NSK S-Max M Series - Comfortable Performance Series The S-Max M series is the next phase of evoluti..
£747.00 £525.00
Filtek Z550 Restorative Syringe 3M ESPE - syringe 4g -52%
Filtek™ Z550 Nano Hybrid Universal Restorative is a visible light-activated nanohybrid composite de..
£83.99 £39.95
Replacement needle and bending tool for Eighteeth ‘Fast Fill’ unit...
Small Taper Glide Path files ET Gold (13/.02) -18%
With a taper of only 2%, a it substantially shortens preparation time for path gliding compared to m..
£32.50 £26.75
Morita TriAuto ZX2