Save £30 compared to when bought individually.Intraoral photography kit   This kit includes:..
Morita Root ZX Apex Locator File position and movement is shown in real time on a large colour LC..
Endodontic motor with integrated Apex Locator: E-Connect S -14%
E-Connect S - Cordless endodontic motor with integrated Apex LocatorAdditional contra-angles wi..
£925.00 £800.00
NSK S-Max M Series Contra Angle - Comfortable Performance  Incomparable Powerful Cutting and S..
High quality autoclavable double sided photographic intra-oral mirror available in two ver..
  NSK's Prophy-Mate neo is a proven ergonomic and easy to use air-driven dental air polishing ..
B&L SuperEndo Alpha2 B&L Biotech has introduced the Alpha A2 Heat Source, a multitask, p..
One file endoLength: 25mm 6 x R25Ref: V 04 0212 025 025Reciprocating Files. Sterile.Expiry date..
New, universal shape for occlusal shots. Longer, but not too wide, therefore no handle is require..
The innovative design of the Flexipalette facilitates complete black backgrounds when taking pi..
StyleItaliano Smile Lite MDP set + Polarizing filter + Diffusors Out Of Stock
Temporarily out of stock.  The newest invention in dental photography from StyleItaliano. ..
RRP: €61.35 The holder allows to take photos in different positions without touching ..
One file endo - VDW Reciproc Blue NiTi Root Canal FilesLength: 25mm 6 x R25Ref: V 04 0252 025 0..
B&L SuperEndo Beta Kit The latest generation of cordless backfill delivery device. Design..
Morita Root ZX Mini Apex Locator Compact and lightweight design  File posi..
VDW Reciproc® Blue Gutta-Percha AssortmentR25: 40pcs, R40: 10pcs, R50: 10pcsContains: gutta-per..
Dentistry in prisonsThis pioneering textbook was launched at the National Association of Prison Dent..
Dentsply WaveOne Gold Glider reciprocating files 25mm (3) -22% Out Of Stock
Endodontic Reciprocating Glide Path FilesSterile25mm (15.02)Pack of 3 Expiry date: 2023-06..
£49.00 £38.00
Dentsply WaveOne Gold reciprocating files 25mm Assorted (4) -22%
Assorted Reciprocating FilesSterile25mm Pack of 4: Small (20.07), Primary (25.07), Medium (35.0..
£64.00 £50.00
EQ-V Gutta Percha Bar Plus 100pcs Out Of Stock
Uniformly rolled from the finest gutta percha to extremely close tolerances.Guaranteed consiste..
Morita TriAuto ZX2