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Endodontic forceps for removing broken instruments

-10% Coming soon Endodontic forceps for removing broken instruments

Endodontic forceps for removing broken instruments and foreign matter

Total length : 125 mm

Total length of tips : 20 mm

Length of serrated working part : 5 mm

Diameter of working part with tips closed : 0,8 mm

Strength of pressure : 150 ÷ 200 G

Instructions for use:

• Thin and long tips bent at 60 0 against the handle enable the instrument to be introduced deep into the root canal as well as ensure comfortable work under a microscope without covering the operation area.

• The pointed and serrated working part enables a firm seizing of a broken instrument or a silver pin in the root canal. The forceps have been equipped with a special set of serrated edges positioned at an acute angle to the inside of the instrument, instead of at the right angle like it is in classically serrated parts.

 The long pivot of the forceps is double bent and has the shape of the letter S , to enable the surgeon to move the instrument round the corner of the mouth and to freely handle the instrument under the microscope without covering the field of vision.

 The spring in the handle allows for automatic opening of the forceps when pressure is released.

 The ergonomic and comfortable handle is all covered with a material that is possible to be sterilized and is flexible when touched.


For removing from root canals fragments of broken endodontic instruments after first being unblocked by use of ultrasound systems, and for removing silver pins. Thanks to a suitably shaped profile, and its unusually thin and long serrated working part, the instrument enables a surgeon to reach the broken fragments of endodontic instruments at considerable depths, to seize them, and to remove them from a root canal. The special arrangement of serrated edges directed to the inside and the bigger thickness of the tips make it possible for the instrument to remove not cemented silver pins without the use of ultrasounds. Silver pins are relatively soft, which significantly limits the application of ultrasounds for their removing ( a high risk of breaking a part of a pin where the ultrasound ending is touching ). 

The identified fragment of a broken endodontic instrument must first of all be unblocked by use of any optional ultrasound system equipped with suitable endings. It concerns both broken endodontic instruments blocked in root canals , and fragments of instruments immobilized by old material filling a root canal ( e.g. cement or Endomethason ). Due to a bigger strength of pressure than in the case of micro tweezers and the special arrangement of serrated parts that get blocked in the soft silver alloy, this instrument is especially recommended for removing silver pins.

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