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ENDO-PREP Gel 10ml (EDTA 17%)

-35% ENDO-PREP Gel 10ml  (EDTA 17%)

ENDO PREP GEL is intended for chemo-mechanical root canal preparation.
EDTA contained in the product helps to remove calcium salts and pulp from decalcified root canals, enabling for faster cleansing and shaping the canals.
Thanks to the lubricant substances contained in the product, it is much easier to work with the root canal instruments and the risk of breakage of the instrument in the root canal is minimized.

Active substance:

  • Disodium edetate (EDTA 17%), gel base

The box contains: 

  • syringe of 10ml
  • set of applicators (1 metal and 1 flexible plastic)

Handling the product ENDO-PREP Gel:

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Picture 2         Picture 3       Picture 4         Picture 5


  1. open the pulp cavity, remove the content of the chamber in order to prepare access to the root canals (picture 1)
  2. rinse initially with sodium hypochlorite (picture 2)
  3. remove inflamed pulp from the root canal (picture 3)
  4. insert Endo-Prep gel into the root canal (picture 4)
  5. prepare the canal mechanically while rinsing with sodium hypochlorite simultaneously (CHLORAXID) (picture 5)

Description of activity:

Preparation is intended for use during chemo-mechanical root canal rinsing and preparation. Surfacants contained in the product make introduction of the tool into the root canal easier and minimize danger of its impaction or breakage in the root canal.

Activity of the disodium edetate is based on reaction between EDTA and mineral components of the tooth's hard tissues.
By absorption of calcium from the root canal, disodium edetate softens tissue and makes mechanical drainage of the root canal easier


  • Contains surfacants making introduction of the tool into the root canal easier and minimizing danger of its impaction or breakage in the root canal.
  • Disodium edetate (EDTA) contained in the product by rinsing calcium and magnesium ions softens the surface layer of the dentine and makes it easier to remove it and restore the root canal.
  • Perfectly composed gel consistency guarantees comfort of application and possibility of placing the product directly on the tool.
  • Implementation of the luer-lock syringes guarantees safe application -syringes are equipped with luer-lock thread that enables connection with needle by screwing it onto the syringe. Luer-lock system is the best protection against accidentally spillage of the product during application.

Instruction of use:



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