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Photo mirrors


Photographic mirrors used for intra-oral photography enable to take sharp and detailed pictures without distortions.
Our photo mirrors are available in two versions: High-Tech Front Surface coating with either Chromium or Titanium.
- Titanium offers a high definition of the reflected image (close to 80%) and is more scratch resistant than chromium and rhodium coating.
- Chromium version presents a more economical alternative whilst still offering better reflectance (up to 70%) than stainless steel mirrors.

Titanium has a higher reflectance than either chromium or rhodium (see the spectral reflectance chart in the mirrors' description). This means a brighter image that is easier to focus on when taking occlusal and buccal mirror shots. The titanium coating is also more durable than chromium and rhodium. 

We also have a limited number of Ultrabright Pure Reflect mirrors, offering 100% light reflectance and even more durable - please contact us for more details.
Our photographic mirrors are resistant to repeated sterilizations in an autoclave.

All mirrors are compatible with our light, aluminium handle which helps to keep finger tips out of the photograph.

Please read our articles and guides on dental photography:

For useful tips and advice on how to take perfect pictures please visit: 


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